Chairman Message

No doubt that the kingdome of Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries are on threshold of industrial and development jump, in which big international countries participate through establishing petrol, gas, energy and other important projects, which these countries need. Therefore, it was necessary to catch up with this development,the development in Logistics services represented in promoting efficiency of performance of this important sector by providing the necessary support for these projects through technical and professional methods, and performing tasks on time to save time, efforts, and costs.

Hence, being an Ex-Official in Saudi Customfor 32 years, I can say that Logistic Vision Company provides creative, reliable&value-added solutions in import chains & distinguished in the territory through its branches in Jeddah Port {JIP}, King Abdullah Port {KAP} and Dammam Port. Despite it is newly established company, owners, founders & workers have 30 yearsof experience in providing customs clearance,transportation & storage Services. In addition, providing customs consultation& supportthrough applying for customs exemption for Custom Duty, following up refund of Custom Duty if paid on exempted goods, submitting demurrage exemption request, obtaining licenses for Chemical Products and other approvals required for some categories of Products & forward the case to the Port Authority & judicial on behalf of the client. It also provides customs H.S. codes & translation. It also provides free consultation services for customers, answers inquire, attending with them while following up before customs or any other authority, and providing them with support.

Chairman of the Board
Ali Saeed Al-Ghamdi

CEO Message

Logistic Vision Company seeks to settle its position in the market of Logistic services through providing professional and distinguishable services. The company built trust relationships and dealt with big companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now, it undertakes processes of customs clearance (export/ import/ re-export) under license of Customs Clearance Agency of its name. In addition, it transports various types of cargos, and provides storage for these Clients. It added another feature, which is providing customs consultations, following up release and return processes, obtaining approvals and permissions, in addition to other services and requirements that might be needed for the imported categories. These tasks are undertaken by team of former professional customs employees headed by legal consultant with 32 years ofexperiences in Saudi Customs Office in Riyadh.

We care for serving our customers professionally, by recruiting the best-experienced employees & through follow up program that we use to communicate with customers easily. The customer can enter to the program to follow up his cargos and receive direct daily report of follow up. We are in continuous development to add other services and improve our business environments to gain satisfaction and trust of our customers.

Our ambition has no limits. We care for providing distinguishable services, and know that trust of our customers is the basis of our success.

Executive Chairman
Khader Shiraz