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Logisitc Vision is a symbol of growth, innovation and best possible solutions. Diversity is our prime quality; with our worldwide contacts we provide competitive prices and desirable sources resulting in long lasting associations. Our Value Added services render us unsurpassable.


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About Us

The Global Chemical Supply Chain is evolving rapidly with new challenges, alternative products, revised legislation and a shift towards consolidation are all having a drastic effect on the demand and supply dynamics that decide our day-to-day business. Logistic Vision has aligned its key focus towards providing pharmaceutical and cosmetics raw material and finished formulations to its Customers

Importing of chemicals is allowed only after obtaining an importing permit from the concerned ministry. Import permit is given only to approved firms who holds the required licenses & approved storage facilities from the concerned authorities and to factories. We can undertake chemical imports for third parties after coming to a commercial agreement depending on the volume of the business and the efforts required in executing it.


Our expert teams of Logistics and Government Relation Officers takes this task carefully and make the necessary applications and follow ups with the concerned ministry to ease the chemical import clearance at designated Seaports and Airports.